2023 YAMAHA YZ450FX Motocross

2023 YAMAHA YZ450FX Dirtbike


  • ADVANCED BILATERAL ALUMINUM FRAME: The upper frame bracing provides rigidity and durability while rear frame spars and cross country-tuned engine mounts centralize mass for the best possible balance of impact absorption, stiffness and rider feeling.
  • CLASS-LEADING SUSPENSION: The industry-leading, fully adjustable Speed Sensitive System KYB® coil spring-type fork provides exceptional balance between handling and bump absorption for race-winning handling performance. The linkage type rear suspension uses a KYB® shock with specially-tuned damping characteristics to match the YZ450FX chassis with both front and rear system settings for optimal GNCC® performance.
  • 270MM FRONT BRAKE: Large 270mm front rotor coupled with aggressive pad material offer excellent braking performance and feel with exceptional stopping power and controllability.
  • COMPACT BODY & SEAT DESIGN: The YZ450FX features stylish bodywork from tip to tail, including a large 2.15-gallon mass-centralized fuel tank. The body design is narrow for more comfortable knee grip and control feeling while the narrower and lower seat gives the rider additional room to move aboard the machine.
  • CROSS COUNTRY WHEELS & TIRES: The YZ450FX features enduro-specific Dunlop® Geomax MX33 tires for the ideal balance of traction and durability, complete with an 18-inch rear wheel. Each wheel’s cross-sectional profile is computer-designed to shave valuable weight without sacrificing durability.


  • REARWARD-SLANTED CYLINDER DESIGN: The YZ450FX’s distinct rearward-slanted cylinder design—complete with rear exhaust and forward-mounted down-draft intake system—features a cylinder head that works with the frame geometry for optimized weight distribution. Internally, the engine features a straight intake tract, aggressive cam profiles, a high-compression “box bridge” piston design with DLC-coated piston pin and more. Finally, the YZ450FX features specific ECU settings to suit the needs of cross country riders.
  • INNOVATIVE YAMAHA POWER TUNER APP: The free-of-charge Yamaha Power Tuner App brings the power of the GYTR® Power Tuner to your iOS® or Android® device. Using wireless connectivity to talk to the bike’s onboard CAN-bus network, the app allows owners to adjust air/fuel mixture and ignition timing maps to tune engine performance for track conditions, record race log information and monitor a range of data such as maintenance and system diagnosis, engine run time and more.
  • ADJUSTABLE ENGINE MAPPING: A handlebar-mounted map switch allows the rider to quickly select between preloaded engine maps—loaded and configured in the Power Tuner App—to account for changing riding conditions. Map 1 provides more responsive, quicker revving engine characteristics while Map 2 provides smoother response, slower revving characteristics for when traction is limited.
  • ADVANCED FUEL INJECTION: The engine breathes through a 44mm Mikuni® throttle body fed by a high-pressure electric pump to ensure optimum fuel atomization and power for a wide range of riding conditions.
  • ROBUST TRANSMISSION & CLUTCH: The YZF450FX’s wide-ratio 5-speed transmission and durable clutch components enhance cross country performance for confident shifting and more flexible gear selection in open terrain.
  • ELECTRIC STARTER SYSTEM: The YZ450FX features a compact electric starter system to minimize restart delays on track and add convenience everywhere else. Powered by a high-capacity and lightweight four-cell lithium-ion battery, the system adds minimal weight.


  • GNCC®-FOCUSED DETAILS: The YZ450FX includes a range of cross country specific upgrades compared to the YZ450F motocrosser including a composite engine guard, 18-inch rear wheel, sealed O-ring chain, fuel level warning indicator and a folding aluminum kickstand.
  • ADJUSTABLE HANDLEBAR MOUNTS: Four-position adjustable handlebar clamps are rubber mounted to improve comfort, reduce handlebar vibration and allow riders to adjust the bar position, while the oversize 1-1/8-inch handlebar is strong but lightweight.
  • EMBEDDED GRAPHICS: Yamaha’s unique embedded graphics are built into the bodywork for extended durability, resisting both peeling and damage.


  • YZ450F-BASED GNCC® & HARE SCRAMBLES FOCUSED RACER: Developed directly from its motocross brethren, the YZ450FX takes that competition-dominating formula and adds a number of cross country focused features and unique settings to make the ultimate four-stroke GNCC®/Woods racer.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE FOUR-STROKE ENGINE: The compact, powerful YZ450FX engine includes all the same race-developed technologies of the class-defining YZ450F motocrosser, tuned for cross country performance. A host of go-fast innovations include steep valve angles, aggressive cam profiles, high-compression forged piston with low friction rings, high-flow intake and exhaust systems—all thoughtfully packaged to optimize mass centralization.
  • INNOVATIVE YAMAHA POWER TUNER APP: Yamaha’s industry-leading Power Tuner App puts the flexibility and precision tunability of the GYTR® Power Tuner into your smartphone. Make fueling and ignition timing changes instantly and upload them to the bike for ultimate track-side tuning. Best of all, it's free-of-charge.
  • ADJUSTABLE ENGINE MAPPING: A handlebar-mounted map switch allows the rider to quickly select between preloaded engine maps—loaded and configured in the Power Tuner App—to account for changing riding conditions.
  • ADVANCED BILATERAL ALUMINUM FRAME: The YZ450FX's advanced aluminum bilateral beam frame features precisely tuned flex characteristics that give riders the ultimate combination of cornering performance, traction feel and bump stability.
  • CLASS-LEADING SUSPENSION: Yamaha's spring-type Speed Sensitive System KYB® forks and linkage-type rear suspension featuring a KYB® shock endow the YZ450FX with its renowned, class-defining suspension performance straight out of the box.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE BRAKING SYSTEM: A rigid front caliper and compact rear caliper work with aggressive pad compounds and lightweight rotors to provide exceptional braking power and controllability, dissipate heat more efficiently, and reduce unsprung weight.
  • ELECTRIC STARTER SYSTEM: Utilizing a compact starter motor and ultra-lightweight lithium battery, the YZ450FX maintains the convenience of push-button starting for effortless restarts under pressure, and more relaxed riding when the clock isn’t ticking.


Model Year
Model Code
Team Yamaha Blue



Front - Hydraulic disc, 270 mm

Rear - Hydraulic disc, 240 mm


Front - 80 / 100-21 Dunlop® Geomax MX33F

Rear - 120 / 90-18 Dunlop® Geomax MX33


85.6 in.
50.4 in.
32.5 in.
Wet - 254 lb.
Ground Clearance
Maximum - 12.6 in.
58.3 in.
Seat Height
37.6 in.


Final Drive


DOHC 4-stroke; 4 titanium valves
450 cc
Bore x Stroke
97.0 x 60.9 mm
Compression Ratio
Multiplate wet
Fuel System
Mikuni® fuel injection, 44 mm
Fuel Capacity
2.2 gal.


Front Suspension

KYB® spring-type fork with speed sensitive damping; fully adjustable

Travel - 12.2 in.

Rear Suspension

KYB® single shock; fully adjustable

Travel - 12.5 in.

4.6 in.


30 Day (Limited Factory)
  • Model: 2023 YAMAHA YZ450FX Motocross
  • Brand: Yamaha

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